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We are an out of network provider, which means we do not take insurance. MPowered PT believes that we can offer you the care you deserve without insurance companies dictating what treatment you receive or for how long. We provide 1-1 treatment sessions for a duration determined by you and your PT without insurance involvement.You are eligible to be reimbursed through your insurance after receiving an invoice.

We are a mobile practice and can see you in your home, office, golf club, gym, and any other locations. We travel in Baltimore City, County, and other areas upon request.


First Visit: $125 for 90 minutes

Follow Up Package Options:

    1 visit: $125/ hour

    4 visits: $475

    8 visits: $925

    12 visits: $1300

The Golfer's Package: $1500

   The ideal package for those looking to improve their ability to play the game. Unlock your weaknesses to improve your game from tee box to green.

This includes one 90 minute eval + 10 follow ups + swing video analysis


Dry Needling Only: $75 each session


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Joint Pain Treatment


340 S Newkirk Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

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